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Demand for orthodontic treatment with braces amongst children, teens, and adults continues to rise. It’s one of the most popular dental treatments available and it delivers some of the most dramatic changes to your smile, your facial appearance, and your confidence … and therefore, and this is no exaggeration … your life. 

Studies have also shown that when children are teased about their teeth, it makes them awkward, even scared, during social interactions. The same study showed that children with an increased overbite or spaces between their front teeth have more significant social and emotional issues than children with well-aligned teeth.

Having crooked teeth not only has detrimental effects on your mental health, but it can trigger all types of problems with your physical health, including including dental issues that braces can help correct.

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Why do some people have crooked teeth?

There are a few reasons… 

  • Genetics – Just like you can’t choose your hair color or eye color, you can’t predetermine you tooth color, size, shape, nor alignment. Often children will inherit one parent’s larger-sized teeth with another parent’s smaller jaw, resulting in a crowded smile. When you reverse this scenario – small teeth in a wider jaw – it results in a spaced-out smile.
  • Myofunctional Habits – These are associated with muscles of the mouth, like those involved with thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, & reverse swallowing. These habits may cause under-development of the jaw.
  • Mouth Breathing – When nose-breathing is restricted or blocked, either temporarily or long-term, people become “mouth breathers.” It contributes to incorrect jaw development, crooked teeth, facial deformities, and poor growth.
  • Nail Biting – Believe it or not, your fingernails are really tough and put up a lot of resistance when you bite them. It can cause teeth to move inward or twist. Gaps may become wider.
  • Missing Teeth – Teeth act as placeholders for each other. When one is lost, the neighboring teeth shift to fill the space left behind.

Three top reasons people consider orthodontics with braces:

  1.  improve smile esthetics and overall face appearance
  2. correct the way the upper and lower teeth meet when speaking or chewing
  3. eliminate malocclusions (bad bites) that could cause teeth to chip or crack.

What is the best age to start orthodontic treatment with braces?

We recommend your child should have their first evaluation around age seven. We’ll assess growth, estimate future growth, and take x-rays to determine permanent teeth placement. This early evaluation will allow us to catch any serious issues like malocclusion, a crossbite, a narrow jaw, or protruding teeth.

So that your child doesn’t outgrow any corrections, we don’t begin treatment with braces until about age 10 to 14 or later, depending on the treatment plan.

Dental Braces is available at MAK Dental clinic in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Call us at 587-402-1042 to schedule an appointment to see if this treatment is right for you.

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