Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Go from dull to dazzling in a single office visit when you schedule an appointment with Mak Dental. If you’re like many people and are not satisfied with your over-the-counter whitening product and are considering having your teeth professionally whitened for the first time, we have the perfect solution to keep your smile looking its best and brightest. After an assessment of your smile, we’ll recommend the best whitening method to meet your needs.

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Edmonton

Our pro-whitening treatment lasts longer than off-the-shelf products, making it a better overall value for our patients. Stains and discoloration that does not respond to expensive products may require professional intervention. Safe and effective treatments protects teeth and whitens the substances that are darkening teeth.

Why Pro is Better than Home?

If you’ve ever been disappointed with a store-bought teeth whitening product, you may have thought all whitening systems were more or less the same. While that is typically true of inferior whiteners you’ll find in a department store, our staff has access to professional-quality whiteners that leave your teeth looking sensational.

Pro-grade whiteners are not available over-the-counter because they require specialized  application. Our staff will instruct you on the proper method of applying our whitening products, so you’ll experience amazing results.

Costs of Whitening

Having your teeth whitened is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available - far less expensive than dental veneers, which also cover discolored teeth. Contact Mak Dental for teeth whitening in Edmonton. We’ll help you create the fabulous first impression of your dreams.

How Safe is Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is a very safe procedure when provided by a dentist. Our Dental Association recommends having your teeth cleaned and examined by a hygienist before whitening, to check for cavities and gum health. Treating existing dental issues makes whitening a safer procedure.

Dental experts agree that whitening under the supervision of a dentist dramatically improves the safety of whitening. Feel free to reach out to our staff with your questions or to schedule a consultation with us before you choose a product or whitening system.

Get To Know Us

We believe it’s important for our patients to get to know our staff before treatments begin, which is why we offer a 20-minute complimentary tour of our practice as our way of welcoming you to our family. If you prefer, you can take a virtual tour of our facility on the Mak Dental website - you'll find it conveniently located on the home page.

Meet Our Staff

Click the ‘About Us’ link to read credentials and qualifications of our dentists and hygienists. For insight into how we meet the needs of many of your neighbours, you’ll find real patient reviews posted on our site and independent directories online.

When it comes to professional teeth whitening in Edmonton, you’ll find we are on the cutting edge of the newest treatments and techniques. Our practice’s 5-star reviews and ratings reflect our staff’s commitment to your family’s beautiful, healthy smiles.

Teeth Whitening Edmonton
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