My Fuzzy Playful Companions

I’m the proud owner of the two cutest four-legged friends anyone could ask for!

Both are tiny but full of love … there’s my bichon Asta (13) and havanese toy poodle Sadie (12). Asta was born on September 27 and Sadie’s birthday is June 3. I was drawn to them because they show unconditional love and enthusiasm. Having a bad day? No problem. They are there to show you affection – and cheer you up – no matter what.

How’d I name them? I first heard Asta after watching an old move series called The Thin Man. It stars a wire fox terrier named Skippy who appears as Asta, an intelligent and playful pooch owned by a retired detective and his wife. In the 1930s, Skippy starred in other flicks and was described as one of the most intelligent canine stars of his time. He was also one of the top-earning dogs in show biz!

And Sadie … doesn’t every family need a Sadie?

Both have their own unique personalities and traits. Asta is quirky, nervous, fuzzy, and … so cute! Sadie is smart, playful, feisty, loveable, and just as cute. She has a few small dog issues!

After a busy day at the office, I like nothing more than spending time (and cuddling!) with my beloved furballs. Asta enjoys sleeping, cuddling, and she follows me wherever I go! Sadie also likes napping, cuddling, playing fetch, and going for walks.

Fun facts …

  • Bichon’s weigh 7-12 pounds.
  • They have naturally floppy ears.
  • Historians believe the bichon breed originally came from the Canary Islands and was transported to Europe by sailors.
  • The havanese toy poodle is also known as a havapoo, poovanese, havanoodle, and havadoodle.
  • They are bigger than the bichon, weighing up to 45 pounds.
  • The havanese is the national dog of Cuba.

Are you a pet owner? What is it you love about them? Let me know – I love getting to know about my patients’ fur babies.

Yours in excellent dental health,Dr. Mary Ann Kuharchuk and Dr. Jason Nijjer, General and Cosmetic Dentist in Edmonton