Hands-On Learning Helps Us Provide Excellent Dental Care

At MAK Dental, we love learning! By staying up to speed on the latest developments in dentistry, we’re able to provide our patients the care they need and have come to expect.

Our entire dental team recently attended a T-Scan™ digital occlusion workshop. It was a very informative and valuable experience for us.

So what exactly is a T-Scan? This nifty handheld technology allows us to diagnose and detect areas of an unbalanced bite that could lead to pain and damage of the teeth or restorations. It really allows us to diagnose dental concerns that can’t be detected with bite paper alone.

You’ll find this really cool … we can show you your bite in 2D and 3D on a screen in our office! We will explain to you exactly how your teeth are making contact. This precision screening tool doesn’t cause any pain and helps us provide the best outcome for your smile.

At the workshop, we were taught how to record and interpret digital bite scans taken with the T-Scan sensor and software. Everyone loved it! What we found most intriguing was the precision and accuracy with which this technology can record the amount of force each tooth contact produces.

As your dentist in Edmonton, we are proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients. If you have concerns about your bite or want to find out more about what the T-Scan can do for you, contact us for an appointment!

We’re here to give you and your family a high level of dental care at our comfortable and conveniently located practice in Edmonton.

Yours in excellent dental health,Dr. Mary Ann Kuharchuk and Dr. Jason Nijjer, General and Cosmetic Dentist in Edmonton